We help tech companies and consulting firms develop and deploy marketing strategy, branding, and high-impact content. Over the years, we have made a difference for many of them, large and small.

How It Works


Your Homework

You complete a detailed marketing analysis questionnaire. You will find yourself asking the questions that lead to WHY. And it’s rarely just about revenue.

Our Homework

We begin learning everything we can about your organization, your products/services, your previous marketing experience, your culture, and your goals.

Target Audience

We’ll help you identify the audience that’s right for you and where you can find them. Writing high-impact copy for the wrong audience doesn’t help anyone.

Brand Analysis

Together, we’ll assess how well your brand (if you have one) fits your WHY, your products / services, your target audience, your goals, and your budget.

Channel Selection

Based on target audience and budget, channels should be carefully selected and aligned for success. Email marketing, web content, social media, YouTube presentations are possible. But what will “work”?

Creative Copywriting

At last! We know who we’re talking to, where to find them, how we will track leads and how we’ll make course corrections.  Telling the story turns us loose to use all that we’ve learned about a client and how to engage their audience. 

I have worked with Barbara Escher for over a decade, and am consistently impressed with her ability to function as either a team leader or team member. Her creativity and intelligence bring tremendous added value to every project, and her technical expertise is superb. Even when engaged in the technical side of building a web site, Barbara brings her marketing and PR savvy to the project. Barbara is a powerful writer, comfortable working in a global environment, and able to think strategically while keeping tabs on the details. I rely on her technical abilities with full confidence, and value her passion about her work.

Amy Blake, Owner, Blake + Barancik Design Group

Barbara did a fabulous job with my newsletter and my personal "brand." She asked lots of in-depth questions. I felt like she strove to know my business as deeply as possible before making recommendations. I continue to be amazed at the snippets of our conversations she has incorporated on so many levels in my website, newsletter, and marketing copy. Not only does she hear everything I say, now I think she anticipates it.

Holly Thomas Donaldson, CFP®, CEPS
Fee Only Financial Planner | Personal CFO | Behavioral Economist

I have known Barbara for nearly 25 years. We worked together at QAD where I was the North America Sales Manager, managing sales and consulting services. In the years since, I have called on her to help with the Competitive Intelligence Team at SAP, and later with a new venture. Given that "content is king," then Barbara is the person you want to have on your team. She has assisted us with our business plan, direct mail campaign letters, editorial articles and press releases, and significant content development for our web presence. Barbara is an extraordinary marketing professional, but first and foremost, she is a writer and can craft a message, a story, a "presence" like no one I've ever known.

Jim Richardson, Investor Relations, Stonebridge Capital

I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.