We are a team of creators, writers, listeners, innovators and strategists. We don’t just create brands and write content. We make magic happen. 

I’m Barbara. Listener In Chief.

Did you check out our home page? We begin by asking any prospective client WHY they are talking to us.  WHY they want help with their business. The WHY always comes first. And we listen, ask questions, and listen some more.

Many people want us to tell them HOW – HOW can we help them? HOW can we achieve better results for them? But until we know the WHY – and the WHO (target audience), we need to simply listen. The HOW will become obvious once we know the WHY and the WHO. Listening and asking questions creates clarity. Jumping in with both feet creates sore feet. 

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Cups of Coffee

“Lorem ipsum…” Don’t you wonder what all that Latin means? Me too. Makes me want to help clients write better English. In my spare time, I’m writing a course. Stay tuned! 

My Skills

 I work with clients to articulate and clarify their vision, then execute that vision in the marketing channels that meet their needs. We’ve served large and small organizations, creating web sites, newsletters, presentations, social media content, and even written speeches for company presidents.  

Long before you make decisions on marketing channels, defining the audience is key. Writing for a hip-hop audience when you’re selling products for seniors is obviously a mistake. Other mistakes are less obvious. Is your target audience male, female, affluent, single, married, athletic, bookish?

Hitting the target means you know where the target is, what web sites they visit, what they do for fun, and how you can best approach them to gain their trust. We help companies figure it out.

  • Defining Target Audience
  • Aligning Marketing Channels
  • Developing Content Strategy
  • Reviewing Results

I’m a sucker for the right words. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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