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Finding the Why

Everything begins with “The Why.” We help our clients to clearly articulate their own vision – their own Unique Why – and use it to drive both product and market vision. 

Identifying the Who

Once you know the Why and the What, it’s time to identify the “Who.” The precise target audience or set of personae who are the right fit for your vision.

Clarifying the What

Product and service vision are a byproduct of the core company vision. The vision and the offering must clearly align to arrive at the desired destination.

Laying Down the How

With the Why, the What, and the Who in place, it’s time to deploy the tools – the “How” – that allow Marketing and Sales to support the company’s vision. 

About Me

Well, this isn’t a picture of me, but I’m thinking of getting a cute “Annie Hall” hat to see what I would look like! The real me is a bit older, not quite as cute, but with years of experience under my belt. I love to read, write, teach, sing, travel, and work with my crazy little dog so that she can one day be a Therapy Dog!  In my spare time, I’m building a special site for dogs and friends of dogs. It’s not ready for prime time yet, but you can visit if you like. 

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